101: Working With Injuries (A Solo Episode)

In teaching yoga and asana we end up working with bodies quite a lot. Many, if not most, of our students will likely  be dealing with some kind of discomfort, whether it be the aches and pains of modern living, or full-blown, diagnosed injuries.  As yoga teachers it is entirely out of our scope to… Read more

An Important Announcement + A Request

I’m excited to share this quick bonus + important announcement episode with you. In the episode, I share the updated description of the podcast, why I’m releasing one episode per month starting now, and how important reviews are. (And did I mention a really important announcement?!) Each & every review counts! Thank you so much!… Read more

99: A Collaborative Yoga Membership Model with Catherine la O’

In The Mentor Sessions Sangha we have been having a robust conversation about online yoga class library memberships. These are very popular now, and can be a great way to diversify your teaching income and support your students.  They also require a decent amount of work to set up, there are an endless number of… Read more

98: Trauma-Conscious Yoga Is A Philosophy, Not A Specialty Class with Hannah Davis

When you think of teaching a trauma-informed yoga class, what comes to mind? Do you think of teaching a special class for a specific population, like veterans recovering from PTSD or survivors of abuse in a shelter? Those are populations that certainly benefit from a very well trained and thoughtfully trauma-conscious teacher (and specialty class!),… Read more

97: Masks, Vaccines + Polarization In The Yoga Community with Wolf Terry

As you are well aware, we are living through a devastating public health crisis and masks and vaccines are our most important wellness tools right now (BY FAR). We know from our spiritual study that we are all interconnected, and none of us are truly well unless we are all well. I know this is… Read more

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