How to Deal with Schedule Drama

Schedule DRAMA. Do you have it? I would be surprised if you didn’t. I certainly do sometimes! As yoga teachers most of us are freelancers, which means we run our own small business whether we realize it or not. We piece together a teaching schedule and a business and a life one random class at… Read more

The Confidence to Charge Appropriately

Let me ask you this: Do you understand the difference between running a charity and running a business? If you feel called to offer seva, I really want to encourage you to do that! Our world most certainly needs it. I also ask that you consider how and when and why you offer seva, and… Read more

Raising Rates is NOT About What You Are Worth

I recently asked teachers in my Facebook group to share with me what they find most challenging about setting and sticking to an appropriate rate for private lessons and the floodgates opened. Over and over again teachers confided they are uncomfortable charging a certain price, even though they know they are worth it. People told… Read more

When Nothing Is Black or White: The Yoga of Discernment Part 2

I’m just gonna say it: I don’t think asanas are magical shapes that have the power to transform a normal human into an enlightened one. I don’t think there is a PERFECT form in asana that we should desperately ASPIRE TO. I don’t think there is some better version of ourselves on the other side… Read more

The Yoga of Discernment

Sweat dripped off the tip of their noses. Some of the women had an expression of fierce determination on their faces. Others looked panicked. A few of them shot me dirty looks. I was teaching yoga to a room of twenty pregnant women. I asked them to hold a wide utkatasana or squat against the… Read more

How To Strengthen Your Confidence As A Yoga Teacher

Does a lack of confidence affect you and your teaching, my love? If so, let me assure you that you are SO. NOT. ALONE. Several months ago I asked people what they were struggling with in their teaching, and what they wanted me to write about, and overwhelmingly, people answered that lacking confidence was one… Read more

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