110: Q+A, Taking Time Off, Hamstrings, Continuing Ed + More!

I’ve been collecting your questions over the last few weeks, and I’m so happy to share this Q+A episode with you today! (It’s an off-the-cuff, casual vibe. I think you’ll like it!) In this episode I’ll answer questions like: How do you work with plantar fasciitis? How do we work with our students’ injuries when… Read more

109:  The Ten Things Saving My Life Right Now

Hello! After a long maternity leave I’m back in front of the podcasting mic and so excited to be here. This episode is quite a departure from our usual conversations about the craft of teaching yoga. Since I’ve been out for so long I wanted to connect with all of you in a more intimate… Read more

108: Anti Capitalist, Anti Racist Yoga with Avita Bansee

The culture we live in is overrun by systems of oppression like racism and late stage capitalism and the way we teach and practice yoga must take that into account.  Avita Bansee (she/they)  is here today to talk to us about what Anti Capitalist, Anti Racist Yoga looks like. Avita is a graduate of Yogaworks… Read more

107: The Science of Tissue Adaptation + Motor Control with Dr. Garrett Neill

One of the most downloaded episodes of this podcast is Episode 59: ROM, Neuroscience + Yoga with Garrett Neill. In that episode we talked about the difference between Active Range of Motion and Passive Range of Motion, the three main barriers to range of motion that show up in our joints, some of the reasons… Read more

106: The Power of Rest with Octavia Raheem

Much of a yoga practice can, from the outside, look like very little is happening. In a meditation practice it might look like we are just sitting there, but as we all know, that “just sitting there” can be a wild experience and a potent place to make friends with ourselves.  Pausing in an asana… Read more

105: Yoga And Social Justice with Jivana Heyman

The historical teachings of yoga have incredible lessons for our modern world. Understanding and unpacking the ancient teachings is a lifelong process, and those of us lucky enough to practice, study and teach yoga must investigate how these teachings can shape our worldview. The bottom line is that the teachings of yoga point towards care… Read more

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