62: Q + A About Private Lessons with Francesca #2

Teaching yoga one-on-one requires a totally different skill set than teaching group classes and these unique skills are left out of most teacher trainings so if you have lots of questions about teaching 1×1 lessons that makes sense. I’ve been a full time yoga teacher since 2005, teaching 15-25 private clients a week for most… Read more

{video} How Do We Measure Progress In Private Lessons?

I am so often asked by fellow yoga teachers, “How do you measure progress with your private clients?” Or, “What goal-setting methodology do you use with private yoga students?” I believe we have to use a measuring system that is as vast as the practice and as unique as our students. Let me know how… Read more

61: Rethinking Yoga Teacher Training with Cecily Milne

I’m honored to call Cecily Milne a friend. She is thoughtful, smart and an amazing force for change in the yoga world.  As the creator of Yoga Detour, she is seen as a yoga “integrator”, helping people bridge the gap between the yoga they already love and the other things, like strength and mobility, they’re… Read more

60: A Union for Yoga Teachers

A large group of yoga teachers at YogaWorks in New York City is working together to create a labor union that would be the first of its kind. (!) This is what they have to say about it,  “We are Yoga and Mindful Fitness Educators. We’re coming together to have a voice in our industry,… Read more

Live 1×1 Teacher Mentoring Session with Renee

I recorded this live 1×1 mentoring session with beloved SPL Alum when registration was open for The Science of the Private Lesson a little while back, and it was such an interesting conversation that I didn’t want you guys to miss out!  Watch it to hear us talk about creative ways to find new private… Read more

59: ROM, Neuroscience + Yoga with Garrett Neill

Dr. Garrett Neill, or Dr. Yogi Gare as he’s known online, is a Chiropractor and a yoga teacher and I LOVE following his work on social media. He shares tons of helpful information for yoga teachers and holds the space for really interesting conversations for our community.  In his work with patients Dr. Garrett employs… Read more

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