Two Different Ways to Find New Private Clients

Are you a yoga teacher who is depleted and exhausted from running all over town teaching group classes to barely support yourself? You certainly wouldn’t be alone if you are. It can be such an uncomfortable truth to uncover: making a life and a living as a yoga teacher is HARD. I know you started… Read more

A Framework for the First Session with a Private Yoga Student

Question:: Can you give me a general sequence that moves a new student through all ranges of motion? I need some kind of framework to use for assessment purposes and to be able to set specific goals with my students! Question:: The hardest thing for me in an initial consultation is to get that delicate… Read more

A Short Meditation to Help You Loosen the Grip of Control

Hello my loves. If I ever use my social media voice to inspire, uplift or empower I also want to make sure I am balancing that with the honest truth. Life is hard. Life is hard for everyone. Life is hard for everyone and no one escapes it. Me included. I don’t go one day… Read more

A Story Of Transformation– {Guest Post}

I am honored today to introduce you to my friend and student Clare Ryan. She is a super skillful private yoga teacher living in NYC. Clare is an expert in the realm of pre and post natal, and if you are really lucky you might catch one of her rare public {super yummy} restorative yoga… Read more

Want to work privately with me? 5 spaces open for 1X1 Mentoring

Hello dear teachers. Phew. The last year has been one of huge change in my teaching and my business. Just over a year ago I left my teaching practice in NYC, with 20+ private sessions each week, for an easier and more quiet lifestyle in Takoma Park, MD. {It is a neighborhood on the outskirts… Read more

How To Tailor A Yoga Practice For Private Lessons

Hey loves. This is a big big topic to squeeze into one blog post. You can listen to it right here if you want! One of the biggest differences between a group yoga class and a private yoga lesson is how and what you plan to teach. In a private yoga lesson the content of… Read more

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