{video} How To Make Back to Back Teaching Feel Easier

Just recently a student in my online training was worrying about how tired she felt after teaching three classes back to back, and she reached out to me for support. She wanted to know when teaching back to back classes would start feeling easier. This is what I said to her:  

18: Staying Inspired in ALL Your Teaching with Guest Teacher Jennifer Brilliant

I have such a treat for you!! On today’s episode I have the honor of interviewing my main teacher from my very first teacher training back in 2005, Jennifer Brilliant!  Since 1989 Jennifer has taught all levels of group and private yoga classes and lead countless special workshops. Jennifer was the Director of OM Yoga… Read more

17: Why Yoga Research Matters with Ariana Rabinovitch

Today you get to meet my friend Ariana Rabinovitch. She is the host of the Yoga & Beyond Podcast, co-authored the Exposing Yoga Myths book series and founded the Yoga Research and Beyond membership site. This membership site offers yoga teachers easy access to published research on yoga and movement. They explain the research in… Read more

{video} How To Turn Group Class Students Into Private Students

Contrary to popular belief, I have found that group classes are an awesome place to connect with potential private clients! In this video I’ll share a four step plan to help you turn group class students into private clients!

16: Creating Truly Inclusive Yoga Spaces with Guest Teacher Amber Karnes

I am so excited to share this powerful conversation with you. While many yoga studios proclaim that “Everyone is Welcome!” in their classes, in today’s episode we ask, “ Are we actually teaching our classes in a way that supports that message?”.  My friend Amber Karnes is whip smart, a powerful advocate and a seasoned… Read more

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