39: Expansive Teaching Within Our Scope of Practice with Megan Spears

Megan Spears is a yoga teacher based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Megan teaches publicly, privately, and is also a lead teacher for EveryOne Yoga School 200 hour yoga teacher training. Megan has been practicing yoga since 2005 and teaching professionally since 2014. Megan has passionately pursued additional education with many teachers and mentors in areas of… Read more

38: Full Time Teaching in San Francisco with Raquel Scalon

Over the next few weeks we’re doing something really special here on The Mentor Sessions. I’m going to introduce you to five amazing yoga teachers all of whom are engaged in active and full teaching practices in very different parts of the world! These five teachers also happen to be alumni from my teacher training,… Read more

{video} What Are The Best Practices For Sustainable Private Yoga Business?

I get many questions like this, and this one was so clearly written and encompassed many of the business questions teachers ask me. Things like: What are the best practices for creating a financially sustainable private yoga practice? Should I save income from a full-time job and use that as the start-up and operational capital,… Read more

37: Q + A About Private Lessons with Francesca

We are doing something new today on The Mentor Sessions! I’m reading some of the Most Frequently Asked questions I get about teaching private lessons and offering you my quick and dirty answers. Some of these topics very well may need their own episode, so please reach out and let me know what follow up… Read more

{video} Alternate Bookend Series: Ink Print Exercise

There are many reasons to change up the way we end our classes. As I’m sure you guys have noticed, savasana is a difficult pose for many people and for many different reasons. This is the second video in an ongoing series and walks you through a wonderful practice that can be used as an… Read more

36: How To Teach A 2 Person Private Lesson

Have you ever had a private client bring their partner or friend to a private lesson and wondered exactly what you should be doing? Have you ever struggled to teach private lessons to a couple who had wildly different physical and emotional needs? In today’s episode we are going to cover all that and more!… Read more

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