Pause. Feel this breath. Then ask yourself this…

Stop. Pause. Feel this breath. Then ask yourself this… I have been noticing that my relationship to time and the way I use it is in need of shift. I often feel crushed by the weight of my To Do List and overwhelmed by a super packed calendar. {Oh, you too?} No matter that I… Read more

What I Did This Summer, And A Few Lessons Learned

I spent a week in Kripalu doing a solo retreat. I have been to Kripalu many times, but every time I’ve been I’ve either been teaching or taking a program with a teacher of mine. This June I went and spent 6 days there doing their R&R program and lead myself through a solo retreat…. Read more

Announcing Yoga and Movement Research Website with Ariana Rabinovitch

I’m so excited to share the wisdom of my friend Ariana Rabinovitch with you. She is a yoga and movement teacher who has spent years diving head first into the science and research that supports or rejects the claims we yoga teachers make. Ariana, along with several other movement and biomechanics experts, has read through… Read more

A Mid Year Check In– What’s Hot, What’s Not

I’m really grateful for you.  I LOVE when you reach out to me tell me what’s “up” for you in your teaching. I am also sooo appreciative of your presence in my Facebook group, Elevate. I’m so proud of the way we raise questions and ask for + offer support, all without drama. Witnessing some drama… Read more

Interruptions As Teaching Tools

For the past year, almost all my teaching has been taking place at my home studio.   It’s a beautiful set up that I worked long and hard to make possible. In my previous teaching life in NYC though, I taught anywhere and everywhere. I taught in all kinds of crazy places…gyms {like, literally right next… Read more

The Support/Challenge Matrix of Private Lessons

A Framework to Make Teaching Private Lessons Easier… One thing to know about me: I try to stay away from prescriptive teaching or advice, especially from afar. There is no set of guidelines that will always work with every student because there is no such thing as a black and white rule of law when it comes… Read more

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