Is it dangerous to teach private clients??

Today’s blog post is inspired by an email exchange with a new teacher and friend of our community in California:: “Hi Francesca, First, I’d like to thank you for the wealth of information you’ve offered on your blog. All of that information has already been very helpful to me in getting things together! I just… Read more

Five ideas for finding your first client…

Today’s blog post is inspired by a great question from a member of our community:: “Thanks for this first video and all the information you provided. I’ve just moved to a new area and am having difficulty obtaining that first private client that will get the ball rolling. I’m teaching at several studios but would… Read more

My Favorite Time Management Tool

My friends Racheal Cook of The Yogipreneur and Val Geisler of Aspire & Grow are productivity ninjas. They have systems for everything and are “get good shit done quickly” rockstars. If you need some motivation to get organized, ideas on how to manage your time, or productivity tools I highly recommend you check out some… Read more

Please don’t mistake self criticism for the “work”

I know that desire to produce more, offer better, get stronger, be useful, make shit happen. I know it well. That desire to make a meaningful life and look happy/skinny/smart/rich/relaxed while doing it used to wake me up like 5,000 demons every morning. I love working hard, producing good content, being a supportive friend, offering… Read more

How could it in any way be possible to make teaching yoga a sustainable career??

Today I am answering some questions from our community:: “I’ve been teaching for several years, and am just starting to be able to fully support myself teaching yoga, but I am worried. Can I really make this a full-time, sustainable, long-term career like I want it to be?” “Sometimes the thought of running my own… Read more

How do you teach when you have shitty family drama going on?

A question from our community… “How do you show up and teach (especially an intimate, vulnerable private lesson) when you are in the midst of a really challenging life situation?” And, “Can you please blog about how to manage family dynamics/communications/still showing up to teach so it doesn’t rip your brain apart?” Ah yes. I… Read more

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