{video} Can You Teach Something You Don’t Practice?

I recently moderated a discussion on this topic and it was great because there were two very different opinions represented. Some people said “Yes, of course!” and some people said, “No, absolutely not!”. In true Francesca fashion, I said, “Well…Yes and No…It depends!”.  I hope the short video below adds some nuance, clarification and discernment to… Read more

20: How To Teach An Open Level Vinyasa Class- LIVE MENTOR SESSION

Today you’re going to hear a live, unedited 1×1 mentoring session! I have been planning to do an episode like this since I started producing this show and this is the first opportunity I ‘ve had to finally record one! I love connecting with teachers in 1×1 mentor sessions because I get to listen deeply… Read more

19: Integrating Spiritual Teachings Into Asana Classes

This is a favorite, and quite personal episode for me. Today we are talking about integrating spiritual teachings into asana classes. This is a personal favorite because this is one of the parts of my teaching that has changed most dramatically since I began teaching in 2005. When I was a new teacher most of… Read more

{video} How To Make Back to Back Teaching Feel Easier

Just recently a student in my online training was worrying about how tired she felt after teaching three classes back to back, and she reached out to me for support. She wanted to know when teaching back to back classes would start feeling easier. This is what I said to her:  

18: Staying Inspired in ALL Your Teaching with Guest Teacher Jennifer Brilliant

I have such a treat for you!! On today’s episode I have the honor of interviewing my main teacher from my very first teacher training back in 2005, Jennifer Brilliant!  Since 1989 Jennifer has taught all levels of group and private yoga classes and lead countless special workshops. Jennifer was the Director of OM Yoga… Read more

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