Take Your Teacher's Seat: The Science of the Private Lesson™

Are you a yoga teacher who is depleted and exhausted from running all over town teaching group classes to barely support yourself?

Imagine easily finding and working with amazing private clients who really appreciate your teaching. Picture yourself helping them create meaningful change in their lives and watching your business grow!

I get it. I've been there too.

  • You are a yoga teacher and the teachings of yoga have changed your life for the better. You feel deeply inspired to make yoga meaningful and accessible to every one of your students.
  • The problem is, you have to run all over town teaching tons of group classes to (barely) support yourself. You're on the road to burnout and frustrated that you aren't making a bigger impact for your students.
  • You would love have a schedule full of private clients, but you don't know where to find students who appreciate what a valuable service a personally designed, privately taught yoga lesson is.
  • Or maybe you already have a few private students, but you are not confident you are helping them as much as you could be. Imagine how amazing it would be to have all your open time slots fill effortlessly.

Wouldn't it be great to have clients that love working with you so much that you don't have to always be out looking for new clients?

I am here to help.

Ways to Work With Me

I am Francesca Cervero, founder of Francesca Cervero Yoga and Wellness and full time yoga teacher and teacher's mentor.

I am a full-time yoga teacher and yoga teacher's mentor. I started FCYW because yoga (without a doubt) saved my life and I want to pay it forward. I'm goal-oriented and driven by nature and left unchecked, those potentially positive traits were highly problematic. At 22 — after more than a decade of disordered eating and serious injuries resulting in multiple hip surgeries — I was going crazy trying to live up to my own unrealistic expectations. My yoga practice radically changed the way I understood and related to myself. It taught me that true power, strength, and success comes only as a result of a life lived in balance. I believe that introducing more people to the deeply healing benefits of yoga has the power to completely transform our world. I believe the best way to get more people practicing (mindful, therapeutic) yoga is to raise the bar of professionalism for yoga teachers.

I have been teaching a full schedule of private clients (25 a week!) in New York City and Washington DC since 2005. I have been working with the same clients for many years, and have waiting lists three people deep for many time slots. I work with truly incredible students that I love to see, even at 6am! I often have other teachers (my teachers! much more experienced teachers!) ask me how I have so many private clients.