The Biggest Mistake Teachers Make When Teaching Private Sessions

Having the ability to add creativity and flexibility into your private yoga teaching is one of the core components of becoming a well rounded and experienced private yoga teacher. I was doing an interview once and somebody asked me: What is the biggest mistake that people make at a private yoga session?  Here’s how I… Read more

The only thing that really matters in teaching private sessions…

If you have been hanging out with me here for a while, you know I have been teaching 25 to 30 private yoga sessions a week for many years {and I have waiting lists at every time slot}. Most of my clients have been with me for years, and I have even created a teacher… Read more

Why I have an Iron Clad 24 Hour Cancellation Policy…and why you should too…

Do you have a 24 hour cancellation policy with your private clients? You should. {Yep, it’s that simple.} You should have an Iron Clad, No Questions, No Emergencies, No Just-This-One Time We’ll Let It Slip 24 Hour Cancellation Policy. I do. I always have. I think it is really important in creating the boundaries that… Read more

What to do when a student hits on you…

A question from the Email Archives:: “Francesca…I’ve got a real doozy here. Just received an email from a student who divulges that they are attracted to me and feel they have a deeper connection to me. I teach them a restorative yoga class in a small group and thought I had created boundaries and treat… Read more

Is it dangerous to teach private clients??

Today’s blog post is inspired by an email exchange with a new teacher and friend of our community in California:: “Hi Francesca, First, I’d like to thank you for the wealth of information you’ve offered on your blog. All of that information has already been very helpful to me in getting things together! I just… Read more

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