Self Care Sadhana…my morning ritual that changed everything…

Having a consistent, daily contemplative practice has radically changed my relationship with myself. For many years I had a pretty regular asana/meditation/running practice but it was random and irregular. In the fall {in the midst of some really challenging personal times} I made a very strong commitment to myself and and my daily practice. At… Read more

My ‘perfect’ work day, and what it took to get me there…

I had the most perfect work day on Wednesday and I had to tell you about it! This is important though: It wasn’t perfect because I crossed off every item on my to do list {I didn’t come close}. It wasn’t a great day because it was easy, or I felt magically happy all day…. Read more

Everything is in transition

I’ve been moving through a major life transition, and as I am coming out of the other side I have been reminded of some deep truths:: Nothing is permanent. It is possible to use a yoga practice to learn to be fully awake and totally present for the moments of transition in our lives. Everything… Read more

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