Private Reflections: A Story of Change and Success

Private Reflections – what I learned from The Science of the Private Lesson: Online by Tiffany Loescher What an honor it has been to study private yoga under Francesca along with other yoga teachers from around the world through her online training, The Science of the Private Lesson™. We “graduated” about four months ago and… Read more

The Good, The Bad, and The Complicated of Private Yoga and Money

Yoga and Money: Part Two Living and working as a professional yoga teacher often brings up challenging and complicated questions about money. I am going to answer some of them for you today! Last time on the blog we talked about how to come up with pricing for your private yoga sessions. This week I… Read more

An Inside Look: my formula for pricing private yoga lessons

Yoga and Money: Part One There is an inherently complicated nature when working at the intersection between being a spiritual teacher and needing to make a living wage. As yoga teachers we live in this place, and I imagine that almost all of us find some part of this situation challenging. Every week I have… Read more

How to teach skeptics, so they learn to love their yoga practice

What are some of the qualities that allow a yoga teacher {especially a private yoga teacher} to facilitate the most meaningful changes in their students’ lives? I believe having the confidence, ability and willingness to meet your students where they are makes you a teacher that can help students on the deepest, most wide-reaching levels…. Read more

How much of your private yoga lessons should be planned ahead of time?

This question came in on the blog a few weeks ago: Hi Francesca, Thank you for taking the time to answer questions! I wonder how you format your class content if a student does not lead you to it by way of the questions they answer during the intake process? IE: Do you just create… Read more

UGH…what to do about chronic re-schedulers…

Last time on the blog I answered some questions from our community, and then in came several more questions I’m excited to answer! Here is an edited version of some of the questions that came in:     from Emily “I’ve been teaching yoga in and around Chicago for about 8 years and over the… Read more

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