A Mid Year Check In– What’s Hot, What’s Not

I’m really grateful for you.  I LOVE when you reach out to me tell me what’s “up” for you in your teaching. I am also sooo appreciative of your presence in my Facebook group, Elevate. I’m so proud of the way we raise questions and ask for + offer support, all without drama. Witnessing some drama… Read more

Interruptions As Teaching Tools

For the past year, almost all my teaching has been taking place at my home studio.   It’s a beautiful set up that I worked long and hard to make possible. In my previous teaching life in NYC though, I taught anywhere and everywhere. I taught in all kinds of crazy places…gyms {like, literally right next… Read more

The Support/Challenge Matrix of Private Lessons

A Framework to Make Teaching Private Lessons Easier… One thing to know about me: I try to stay away from prescriptive teaching or advice, especially from afar. There is no set of guidelines that will always work with every student because there is no such thing as a black and white rule of law when it comes… Read more

Why I Advise Against A Traditional Centering

You guys have got to hear this story of the “creative” restorative yoga class I taught on Sunday… This past weekend I taught a yoga class for an urban retreat my friend Jamie hosted in NYC. We rented a yoga studio to use for the class, and I was there bright and early at 7:30am… Read more

Limited Spots Open for 1×1 Mentoring

Last week I wrote to you about yoga teacher burnout. We looked at some of the causes, and some small but meaningful solutions. Have you tried any of the things I suggested? I’d love to hear what you are noticing. But…I have a confession to make… as common as teacher burnout is, I almost never… Read more

Causes Of {and Solutions For} Yoga Teacher Burnout

Today I want to address an all-too common problem in our yoga world. Yoga Teacher Burnout. Do you have it?  Here are the signs to look for: You don’t have time to do your own practice and your body feels yucky. You feel resentful of your students because they get to move their bodies in… Read more

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