51: An Applied Neuroscience Approach to Yoga + Movement with Erin Jade

Erin Jade has been working in massage therapy and yoga/movement instruction since 2004. In 2014 she began to pivot away from traditional asana into varietal movement drawing from the influences of Katy Bowman, Erwan Le Corre, Ido Portal, Igor Burdenko, Moshe Feldenkrais, FRC, Laban Bartenieff, contemporary dance and more. The search led her to movement… Read more

50: Very Special Episode: Interview With My Two Best Friends!

This is a VERY special podcast episode! To celebrate Episode #50 I decided to turn the microphone around and let someone interview ME. And it’s not just any “someone”. Almost by coincidence two of my very best friends from college, Alece Demeray and Nikki Hay, became yoga teachers many years after I did. We are… Read more

{video} Try This At Home Teaching Tip #2- Keep Chatting To A Minimum

Private yoga lessons can turn into gabfests if we’re not careful, and it is OUR JOB as the teacher to hold the boundaries steady. Watch this short video for a little homework to try out with your private clients and let me know how it goes below!    

15 video sequences to prep students for downward dog

Adho Mukha Svanasana is a wonderful (and ubiquitous) pose offered repeatedly in many asana classes. It is a lovely shape and has so many important benefits like: puts the head below the heart in a gentle inversion strengthens the arms and shoulders in flexion lengthens the notoriously stiff side body stretches the calves In my… Read more

{video} Try This At Home Teaching Tip #1: Try a Non-Traditional Arc

Do you always teach your private lessons with the same traditional arc? It’s possible your students would really benefit from a little change in the way you structure your classes. Watch this video and let me know what questions come up for you!

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