{video} Sequences to Strengthen Shoulder External Rotators

In many asana classes we cue our students to externally rotate their arms, but have you noticed that many students lack the strength and mobility they need to complete that task well? Here are a few different exercises I like that warm up and strengthen the posterior shoulder muscles and they fit really nicely into… Read more

A Creative Use of Props with Guest Teacher Trina Altman

Trina Altman is the creator of Yoga Deconstructed® and Pilates Deconstructed®, which take an interdisciplinary approach to foster an embodied understanding of yoga and Pilates and their relationship to modern movement science. Her book, Yoga Deconstructed®: Transitioning From Rehabilitation Back Into The Yoga Studio is slated to be published by Handspring Publishing in December 2019…. Read more

Accessibility and Community With Guest Teacher Dianne Bondy

Dianne Bondy is a celebrated yoga teacher, social justice activist and leading voice of the Yoga For All movement. Her inclusive view of yoga asana and philosophy inspires and empowers thousands of followers around the world – regardless of their shape, size, ethnicity, or level of ability and we are so lucky to have her… Read more

{video} Alternate Step Forward Option – Side Plank Training

I offer many different options to help students step the front of the mat from downward dog.  It’s a challenging movement, and I don’t want my students to suffer or feel stuck!  A few weeks ago I offered an option that had almost no weight bearing on the hands. You can check that out right… Read more

Incorporating Non-Yoga Movements In Your Classes with Guest Teacher Cecily Milne

It is becoming increasingly common for yoga teachers to bring movements and practices from outside the traditional yoga practice into their teaching. Are you one of these teachers? Do you want to be, but feel unsure about the most skillful way to bring non-yoga movements into the practices you teach? At the forefront of this… Read more

{video} Wrist Prep – Wrist Push Ups

There is often a lot of weight-bearing on the hands in yoga classes and many students struggle to move their weight out of their wrists and spread the work through the hands and into the fingers. This wrist push up builds both the awareness students need to shift the way they use their hands in… Read more

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