{video} What It’s Like To Teach In My Home

I recently shared a screening process I use with potential private clients who find me online. Click here to watch that if you missed it. As a follow up I wanted to share a little bit about what it is like to teach in my home. In short: I love it! 🙂

7 Ways To Be A More Confident Yoga Teacher

I am so excited about today’s topic! We are going to talk about confidence and what you can do to become a more confident yoga teacher. I wanted to talk about this because several months ago I asked my community what they were struggling with and overwhelmingly people answered that lacking confidence was their biggest… Read more

{video} How To Screen Potential Private Clients Who Find You Online

This is a question I get asked All. The. Time. so I recorded a video sharing the process I use to both screen and connect with potential students who find me online. There are safety issues to consider, but this screening process is also an opportunity to get to know your potential student and share… Read more

How To Teach Private Clients Who are Yoga Skeptics

On today’s newest podcast episode it is just you and I! I am excited to connect with you 1×1 and answer a question I get asked all the time! “What is the best way to teach someone who is skeptical or unsure about yoga?” I get asked this question frequently because this is something I… Read more

{video} Can You Teach Something You Don’t Practice?

I recently moderated a discussion on this topic and it was great because there were two very different opinions represented. Some people said “Yes, of course!” and some people said, “No, absolutely not!”. In true Francesca fashion, I said, “Well…Yes and No…It depends!”.  I hope the short video below adds some nuance, clarification and discernment to… Read more

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