What do you love most about being alive?

I was asked this question as I filled out a survey for a Kickstarter campaign I enthusiastically supported. (Check out Jade Beall’s A Beautiful Body Book Project if you haven’t already.) I had just answered my name, address, and occupation and this was the following question: What do you love most about being alive? The… Read more

What Kind of Practice is Necessary to Be a Good Private Yoga Teacher?

Hello again! This great question just came in from one of my teacher mentees, and I thought the answer would be beneficial for you all to hear! Question I am starting to understand the importance of having my own strong personal practice so I can be a better teacher. What is your practice like? What… Read more

Video Introduction: I Am So Happy to Connect With You Here!

Hello there! I am so happy to connect with you here! I will be posting regularly and would love to answer your questions about yoga, teaching private clients, best business practices and anything else you come up with for me! First I’d like to introduce myself. I made a video for you discussing how I… Read more

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