{video} The Questions You Should Ask Your Students Who Have Pain

So many students come to yoga with little aches and pains. We are not doctors or PTs and while we will *not* be diagnosing or treating any of our student’s pain, I still think we should ask about it! Watch this video to see why and exactly which questions I recommend you ask! Also– to… Read more

53: The Science of Yoga with Ann Swanson

Ann Swanson is a certified yoga therapist, mind-body science educator, and author of the beautiful new book,  Science of Yoga. She is part heart-based healer and part science nerd. With a Master of Science in yoga therapy and roots studying yoga in India and tai chi/qi gong China, Ann uniquely applies cutting-edge research to mind-body… Read more

52: Cult Dynamics, Abuse + Healing in Yoga with Matthew Remski

Matthew Remski is a yoga teacher and author.  As the survivor of two cults, his work has been pivotal in illuminating the shadows of globalized yoga and Buddhism. His writing shows that disillusionment and critical inquiry can be gateways to mature spirituality. Matthew has written a new and very important book called Practice And All… Read more

{video} Try This At Home Teaching Tip #4: Be More Direct

I know that when we’re teaching private clients it can feel hard to know what our students are thinking and feeling. Not being sure how they are experiencing the session can send us down a Self Doubt Spiral. I have a simple, although not easy, remedy for this. Ask them! Watch the video to get… Read more

{video} Why You Don’t Need Marketing To Have A Thriving Private Practice

One of the questions I get asked most often is about how to find new private clients. After 14+ years as a full time yoga teacher (mostly working with private clients) I’m more than happy to answer that question, but there is an even more complex question that I love to answer: Once you start… Read more

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