{video} Wrist Prep – Wrist Push Ups

There is often a lot of weight-bearing on the hands in yoga classes and many students struggle to move their weight out of their wrists and spread the work through the hands and into the fingers. This wrist push up builds both the awareness students need to shift the way they use their hands in… Read more

31: How To Work With Pregnant Yoga Students with Guest Teacher Deb Flashenberg

Have you ever had a pregnant yoga student walk into your group yoga class and immediately think, “Oh crap. I don’t know how to modify the practice for her or keep her safe without changing my whole plan!” ? Today’s podcast episode with prenatal yoga expert (and my old friend!) Deb Flashenberg will cover everything… Read more

{video} Wrist Prep – Stretch For Fascial Arm Line

I use versions of this exercise with many of my private clients and group classes. It is a great way to work on increasing mobility in wrist extension without forcing or passively stretching all the muscles and connective tissue around the wrist. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

30: Expanding Your Lens with Guest Teacher Crystal McCreary

Crystal McCreary has a true teacher’s heart and if you aren’t already familiar with her work I am so excited to introduce you to her on today’s episode!  Crystal has taught yoga and mindfulness since 2007. She is committed to creating and holding safe spaces for people to connect, heal, learn, and build resilience in… Read more

{video} Why does teaching 1×1 bring up imposter syndrome?

Have you ever booked a new private yoga client and then freaked out a little bit?  Did you feel like you didn’t have what it takes to try to make a yoga practice unique and meaningful for just one person?  Did you finally sit down next to that private client and feel like a total… Read more

{video} Alternate Step Forward Option- Kneeling

As you very well know, many students struggle with stepping their foot forward to the front of the mat from downward dog. While it is certainly possible to teach yoga without ever doing that movement, it is also nice to have several options to help students step forward! I’ll be sharing a few other ways… Read more

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