{video} Try This At Home Teaching Tip #2- Keep Chatting To A Minimum

Private yoga lessons can turn into gabfests if we’re not careful, and it is OUR JOB as the teacher to hold the boundaries steady. Watch this short video for a little homework to try out with your private clients and let me know how it goes below!    

15 video sequences to prep students for downward dog

Adho Mukha Svanasana is a wonderful (and ubiquitous) pose offered repeatedly in many asana classes. It is a lovely shape and has so many important benefits like: puts the head below the heart in a gentle inversion strengthens the arms and shoulders in flexion lengthens the notoriously stiff side body stretches the calves In my… Read more

{video} Try This At Home Teaching Tip #1: Try a Non-Traditional Arc

Do you always teach your private lessons with the same traditional arc? It’s possible your students would really benefit from a little change in the way you structure your classes. Watch this video and let me know what questions come up for you!

How To Offer Modifications in a Group Class with Gabby DeLorenze

It is common for yoga students to come into class, tell us they have an injury and expect us to be able to modify for them or at least give them ideas as to what they should avoid. If those moments before class make you nervous then today’s podcast episode is for you! Gabby DeLorenze… Read more

Not Teaching Yoga Anymore with Caitlin Casella

The path of a career yoga teacher can be a circuitous one. I find it so helpful to hear how different teachers navigate that terrain, and today we get to hear from Caitlin Casella, who has been teaching yoga and leading teacher trainings for a decade! Since adding strength training and other functional movement modalities… Read more

How To Hold Space with Octavia Raheem

Today I am THRILLED to introduce you to yoga teacher, writer, mama and studio owner, Octavia Raheem. This episode stands out as an all time favorite; the deep wisdom and beautiful words that Octavia shared felt like a salve for a wound I’d hardly even noticed was there. This path of teaching yoga asks us… Read more

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