How I Manage To Teach 8 Private Yoga Clients In One Day

Do You Yoga   |   October 2014

After I mentioned to my last teacher training group that I teach eight yoga clients on most Wednesdays, they were in shock. They asked, “Isn’t it exhausting teaching several private yoga classes in one day??”

And I said,”Yes, of course it is.”

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When Alignment Does Not Align

Rebelle Society   |   November 2013

I respectfully disagree with any teacher that says enlightenment is found in the perfection of alignment. I firmly disagree with any teacher who wants me to “work harder” until I look like Mr. Iyengar in his pictures. I firmly disagree with any teacher that thinks that all advanced asanas are available to all people with enough practice.

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The Art and Science of Profitable Private Teaching (Video Clip)

Yoga Alliance   |   August 2013

Check out this four minute video clip from the 2013 Business of Yoga Conference. I turn the “branding” conversation on its head and talk about branding from the inside out. It is a great introduction to my work, The Science of the Private Lesson. {Learn to reach, teach, and keep clients that other yoga teachers can’t.}

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How I Came To Teach 25 Yoga Privates a Week

MindBodyGreen   |   September 2012

I bounced around through a sweltering New York August, tiny resume in hand. “I’m Francesca! I am so cute and know 200-hours worth of stuff! Hire me!” was basically my pitch. It took about three full days (and 20 yoga studio visits) to learn the cold and hard truth. Nobody cared. Nobody cared, at all.

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