Everything is in transition

I’ve been moving through a major life transition, and as I am coming out of the other side I have been reminded of some deep truths:: Nothing is permanent. It is possible to use a yoga practice to learn to be fully awake and totally present for the moments of transition in our lives. Everything… Read more

This is my last week in NYC {and the story that brought me here}

I’ve got some really big news today. This is my last week as a New Yorker. I’ll be saying goodbye to 15 clients that I have loved and taught for as many as 10 years. {This is HANDS DOWN one of the hardest things I have ever done.} Even six months ago I had NO… Read more

How does my Online Training differ from my Live Training?

So, you heard the news right? I now offer The Science of the Private Lesson both in a live week-long training, and a 12 week online training. Woohoo! Blood, sweat, and tears have brought to life work that I feel deeply passionate about, in two totally different formats, and I am so proud of what… Read more

An inside look into a session with one of my REAL private clients {VIDEO!}

Hi loveys… As you read this, I am deep in retreat mode with my teacher Sara Avant Stover in Thailand. This is a retreat I have been so looking forward to, and quite desperately need. {Sun, yoga meditation, no internet…not even any reading allowed….!} These past few months I have been working incredibly hard, and… Read more

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