An Awake, Compassionate Heart–A Short Dharma Talk & Guided Meditation

Hello my loves. As a yoga teacher you share so much of your energy. You share your physical energy as you walk around your classes, make alignment adjustments to your student’s bodies and sometimes demonstrate poses. You share your heart energy with your students in the form of thoughts and insights from your own spiritual… Read more

Year End Review: Everything is in Transition {Part 2}

As I write this I am sitting on the train on the way home from a quick trip I took to NYC this weekend. I absolutely didn’t have time to take this trip, but I did it anyway. I’ve got several full days of clients this week. I have barely started my holiday shopping. My… Read more

A Short Meditation for When Life Feels Hectic {Audio}

Hello dear ones. Does your life feel crazy right now? Mine does! In lieu of our regularly scheduled blog programing, today I recorded a short guided mediation for you to practice with. How this works: pour yourself a glass of water or make some tea sit down in a comfortable place press play on this… Read more

Trusting What I Know: On Becoming a Private Yoga Teacher {Guest Post}

Today I am so honored to have my buddy Daisy sharing her wisdom with you. Daisy is a smart and fun yoga teacher; she teaches a creative and intelligently sequenced vinyasa class at Willow Street Yoga Center, where I teach also. She took my live teacher training in March of 2014 and has seen so… Read more

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