Want to work privately with me? 5 spaces open for 1X1 Mentoring

Hello dear teachers. Phew. The last year has been one of huge change in my teaching and my business. Just over a year ago I left my teaching practice in NYC, with 20+ private sessions each week, for an easier and more quiet lifestyle in Takoma Park, MD. {It is a neighborhood on the outskirts… Read more

How To Tailor A Yoga Practice For Private Lessons

Hey loves. This is a big big topic to squeeze into one blog post. You can listen to it right here if you want! One of the biggest differences between a group yoga class and a private yoga lesson is how and what you plan to teach. In a private yoga lesson the content of… Read more

Is there any purpose to practicing “advanced” asana?

Hey guys, this is a long one. If you’d rather listen to it, I recorded the whole thing right here for you! Is there any purpose to practicing “advanced” asana? I would like to propose that when speaking about yoga, the word “advanced” does not describe what one is doing, but the way in which… Read more

An Awake, Compassionate Heart–A Short Dharma Talk & Guided Meditation

Hello my loves. As a yoga teacher you share so much of your energy. You share your physical energy as you walk around your classes, make alignment adjustments to your student’s bodies and sometimes demonstrate poses. You share your heart energy with your students in the form of thoughts and insights from your own spiritual… Read more

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