37: Q + A About Private Lessons with Francesca

We are doing something new today on The Mentor Sessions! I’m reading some of the Most Frequently Asked questions I get about teaching private lessons and offering you my quick and dirty answers. Some of these topics very well may need their own episode, so please reach out and let me know what follow up… Read more

{video} Alternate Bookend Series: Ink Print Exercise

There are many reasons to change up the way we end our classes. As I’m sure you guys have noticed, savasana is a difficult pose for many people and for many different reasons. This is the second video in an ongoing series and walks you through a wonderful practice that can be used as an… Read more

36: How To Teach A 2 Person Private Lesson

Have you ever had a private client bring their partner or friend to a private lesson and wondered exactly what you should be doing? Have you ever struggled to teach private lessons to a couple who had wildly different physical and emotional needs? In today’s episode we are going to cover all that and more!… Read more

{video} Alternate Bookend Series: Calf Smasher

There are so many reasons to change up the way we both start and end our classes. Just a few might be: Starting a private lesson in a traditional seated centering might not have the intended benefit. People spend too much time sitting already! Spending a lot of time in passive stretching might feel relaxing,… Read more

{video} Alternate Vinyasa Series- Serratus Push-Ups

I love creating alternate variations of the vinyasa that keep us moving and flowing, but don’t ask our bodies to make the same shapes over and over again. This video combines a few things: A short explanation of protraction and retraction of the scapula and why it might be interesting to look at with your… Read more

35: The State of Yoga Education with Guest Teacher Jules Mitchell

In the conversations I have with colleagues about yoga teacher trainings, the focus is almost always centered on the idea that 200 hours is not enough time to produce high quality baseline yoga teachers. I brought this question to my friend and teacher Jules Mitchell to get her opinion and very quickly our conversation veered… Read more

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