25: Yoga and The Pelvic Floor with Guest Teacher Diana Zotos

If you don’t already know my good friend Diana Zotos I am so excited for you to meet her! Diana is a physical therapist and yoga teacher.  In 2006 Diana began her 7 year career at Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC, spending those years treating anyone from inpatient joint replacement patients to professional marathon… Read more

{video} The List of All My Trainings (and Injuries)

My friend Kate recently asked me this question, “I’m finishing up your newest podcast on my way home (which I think btw is my favorite one yet!) and I have another question for you – what trainings have you done? It sounds like you incorporate so much more than just traditional asana, I was wondering… Read more

24: The Myth of the Ideal Private Yoga Client

I’ve got another solo episode for you today and we are going to talk about what I call, The Myth of the Ideal Private Yoga Client… I’ll tell you all about this phenomenon, where it came from, the good intentions of the online marketing coaches who teach it, and the negative effect I see it… Read more

23: The Support / Challenge Matrix of Private Yoga Lessons

It’s just you and I again on the podcast today! We are going to dive deeper into a topic I have mentioned several times on this podcast: The Support/Challenge Matrix of Private Yoga Lessons. I hear all the time from teachers who are overwhelmed with all the possibility that comes with teaching private yoga. There… Read more

{video} What It’s Like To Teach In My Home

I recently shared a screening process I use with potential private clients who find me online. Click here to watch that if you missed it. As a follow up I wanted to share a little bit about what it is like to teach in my home. In short: I love it! 🙂

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