It’s time to chat about…CHATTING

“I’d be really interested to know how you move your student into the yoga practice if they really want to ‘chat’ at length about what’s going on in their lives at that moment?!”   “I usually end up chatting for about 15 or 20 minutes before we start the yoga practice, and since I want… Read more

What kind of person can be a successful private teacher?

“Does it take a certain kind of personality to be a successful private teacher?” This is a question I get asked all the time. Or, sometimes, people will tell me, “Oh, I can’t teach private lessons because I’m too social and outgoing, and it is not enough stimulation for me.” Or, “Oh, I can’t teach… Read more

What is the purpose of the practice?

What is the purpose of the practice? Nothing about yoga is permanent, static, or universal. As of course you know already, the only consistent part of our human life is impermanence. Within that fluidity though, I am going to share my personal {current} thoughts on the purpose of the practice so that I may take… Read more

The Case for Leveled Classes

I would like to join the intelligent chorus that calls for having {mostly} leveled asana classes at yoga studios. I know that running a financially viable yoga studio is incredibly challenging. And bless those who undertake that work…you will NEVER see me own a brick and mortar yoga space. Between paying rent and {hopefully} paying… Read more

Your Money and Business Questions Finally Answered

Alright my friends. The day is finally here. I am going to answer some of your questions about the nuts and bolts of running a business and dealing with money as a yoga teacher. First, I think it must be acknowledged that money can be a challenging topic for our community. As teachers, we have… Read more

Why I love {and struggle with} running my own business…

Everyone is full of business and money related questions and I am so happy to discuss and answer them! But first, a warm up conversation. 🙂 {Money and business questions will be answered next week, I promise!} A good friend of mine, Kelly Newsome of Higher Ground Yoga, interviewed me to include my thoughts on… Read more

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