The Case for Leveled Classes

I would like to join the intelligent chorus that calls for having {mostly} leveled asana classes at yoga studios. I know that running a financially viable yoga studio is incredibly challenging. And bless those who undertake that work…you will NEVER see me own a brick and mortar yoga space. Between paying rent and {hopefully} paying… Read more

Your Money and Business Questions Finally Answered

Alright my friends. The day is finally here. I am going to answer some of your questions about the nuts and bolts of running a business and dealing with money as a yoga teacher. First, I think it must be acknowledged that money can be a challenging topic for our community. As teachers, we have… Read more

Why I love {and struggle with} running my own business…

Everyone is full of business and money related questions and I am so happy to discuss and answer them! But first, a warm up conversation. 🙂 {Money and business questions will be answered next week, I promise!} A good friend of mine, Kelly Newsome of Higher Ground Yoga, interviewed me to include my thoughts on… Read more

The New Trend in Goal Setting, and My Words for 2014

This is a hot time of year to talk about New Year’s Resolutions. {Duh, I know.} I, for one, will not be making any New Year’s Resolutions. You might even hear people telling you how to “manifest” what you want in 2014. {Puke. Gross. More on that in an upcoming blog post.} Don’t get me… Read more

Absolute Yes and No Lists (Self Care for the New Year)

My teacher Sara Avant Stover is a shining example of how to be a productive, active member of the community, while maintaining the kind of spiritual and self care practices that allow for a meaningful life, guided from within. She has been an amazing role model for me in “self-acceptance, spiritual depth, worldly accomplishment, balanced… Read more

The World Needs What You Have to Offer

Today, teachers, I have a story for you. I spent the first two years of my yoga teaching career so injured that I had to walk with a cane. Every single time I stepped my left foot on the floor I had searing pain shoot directly up the femoral nerve in my thigh. Every. Single…. Read more

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