82: The 12 Routines That Saved Me Last Year

You don’t need me to tell you that The Year of Our Lord 2020 was (and this is the official designation, I’m pretty sure) A Hot Steaming Pile of Garbage. So much of what made last year difficult is unchanged at the moment and so I wanted to record an episode that is a little different from what we usually do here at The Mentor Sessions. 

Most of the episodes on this show are interviews with visionaries, experts and thought leaders in the yoga education space. Sometimes I hop on the mic solo to share my thoughts about online yoga or teaching without demonstrating. Even more rarely I share an intimate view of my own life and teaching and one of the most downloaded episodes to date is Episode 56: Avoiding Burnout: Self Care, Boundaries + Daily Routines, recorded in August of 2019. 

In the spirit of offering myself (and you) tender and compassionate care, today I’m going to share the twelve basic, surface-level routines I incorporated last year that really saved me.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • why the way self-care is talked about in the wellness world is problematic
  • how learning about other people’s self care routines is helpful for me, even when they aren’t habits I would ever incorporate myself
  • the daily practices that help me make transitions (since I never go anywhere anymore!)
  • my favorite podcasts to listen to on my daily walks
  • the technology self-care habits that took zero extra time, but did wonders for my mental health
  • time management strategies that helped me continue to get quite a lot accomplished without working nights or weekends
  • what I recommend to yoga teachers to make new offerings successful without too much stress

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10 Responses to “82: The 12 Routines That Saved Me Last Year”

  1. Melissa Feldman

    Yes! Just 7min in and YES, I agree that “self care” is an overused word right now and, not that it isn’t important, but you’re so right that green smoothies and, let’s say, an early bedtime or a bath cannot overcome a lack of health insurance or childcare. Thank you for bringing these things up, Francesca! I’m sure I will have more commentary as I listen more…

  2. Melissa Feldman

    OMG planning nerd right here! ‍♀️ (Virgo rising) and I had NO idea that there’s a community of planners like us. Wow. I will check that out.
    And YES – taking so many more classes with other teachers, especially in other geographic places.

  3. Suzanne M muro

    Yes to daily walks in the neighborhood. I was so busy running around teaching; or working out in a gym, I rarely took time to walk through the beautiful neighborhoods and explore the
    beautiful trails around me.

    I heard something recently that Self-Love is the larger umbrella under which self-care routines live. That makes so much sense to me; and holds me accountable for making sure self-care practices actually reflect compassion for myself so I in turn have more to offer others!

    I love all of yours Francesca!

  4. Lynn

    So what’s your go-to for the long-sleeved shirts? I’ve been searching for just the right one!

    • Francesca Cervero

      Most of my tops are super old (10+ years!) but if I were buying a new one I’d go with something like this.


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