118: My Group Class Planning Process

In January of this year I started sharing my group class planning process in short videos on Instagram (you can see them here) and y’all had questions! The more I… Read more

117: Yoga for Seniors with Chintamani Kansas

Many yoga teachers in our community either already specialize in teaching seniors, or would like to. Yoga can be a wonderful practice for older people and it is important that… Read more

115: The Case For Teaching Leveled Classes

The thinking behind this episode has been a long time in the making. I haven’t talked about this much publicly, but If you’ve done 1×1 mentoring with me, if you’ve… Read more

114:  Pelvic Health in Yoga Classes with Shannon Crow

Our students’ movement patterns directly impact their pelvic health, and their pelvic floor impacts their movement patterns! With those two aspects of our students’ health so intertwined, it’s really important that… Read more