114:  Pelvic Health in Yoga Classes with Shannon Crow

Our students’ movement patterns directly impact their pelvic health, and their pelvic floor impacts their movement patterns! With those two aspects of our students’ health so intertwined, it’s really important that yoga teachers understand the nuances of that relationship. We are so lucky to have longtime yoga teacher, teacher’s mentor, and yoga for pelvic health expert Shannon Crow on the show with us today!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • a deep dive into how our cueing as teachers can impact our students’ pelvic floor health
  • what usually happens when we tell our students to engage their core
  • some thoughts about cueing pelvic floor engagement in a yoga class in the form of mula bandha
  • what happens when yoga teachers  talk about Pelvic Girdle Pain in a way that is diagnostic or suggesting what might be going on
  • The impact of Pelvic Floor Health being discussed using gendered language
  • and more!

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