115: The Case For Teaching Leveled Classes

Text: The Case For Teaching Leveled Classes with Francesca Cervero

The thinking behind this episode has been a long time in the making. I haven’t talked about this much publicly, but If you’ve done 1×1 mentoring with me, if you’ve taken my group classes, if you’re in The Mentor Session Sangha, or if you’ve taken a teacher training with me, then you’ve heard me talk about it….

…and today I’m publicly making The Case for Teaching Leveled Classes. 

I haven’t talked about it publicly because it’s nuanced and complex and challenging to present in a one-sided conversation. So what I hope to share today are some questions to help you reflect on your teaching as an individual, some questions to help you reflect on the institutions you are teaching at, and some questions for us as a wider yoga community. 

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • why I think leveled classes can be helpful for both teachers and students
  • how to create leveled classes and still dismantle the notion of hierarchical progress in yoga
  • the different language we use to talk about “Open Level” classes, and what actually happens most often
  • what I think belongs in an “advanced” yoga class 
  • how leveled classes have the opportunity to be more accessible, not less
  • why a beginner’s class is not the same things as a gentle class
  • how to support a student who has been in a Level 1 class for many years
  • the difference between something being taught or “offered”
  • where to take this conversation deeper!

Resources Mentioned:

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