117: Yoga for Seniors with Chintamani Kansas

Many yoga teachers in our community either already specialize in teaching seniors, or would like to. Yoga can be a wonderful practice for older people and it is important that yoga teachers consider what is most helpful when working with this population. 

We are so lucky today to have Yoga for Seniors expert, Chintamani Kansas, walking us through this conversation. Chintamani has been teaching Yoga for over 20 years and has studied Meditation, Embodied Anatomy, Ayurveda, Yoga Therapy, Thai Massage. 

In 2020, Chintamani launched a series of daily therapeutic yoga classes via Zoom for a community of committed Yoga Lovers, many of whom are active older adults. Yoga for Strong Bones and Core Yoga for Strong Bones classes are designed to stimulate bone density in key areas of vulnerability and eliminate movements that are potentially injurious to people with Osteopenia, Osteoporosis, Arthritis, and back pain. People of all ages attend the classes for joint mobilization, stretching, energizing yoga, strength, balance, and relaxation.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • common injuries and conditions our students might have
  • three rules to keep in mind when teaching people with osteoporosis
  • some thoughts about twists in a Yoga for Seniors class
  • how to make a “flowy” sequence without the forward bends of a classical sun salutation
  • step by step cueing for Downward Dog and why it’s so helpful for seniors
  • the kyphosis controversy around bridge pose and how to work with that
  • working with hip replacements and how it shows up in Garuda
  • the controversy around Side Plank and who it might be good for
  • a deep dive into the biomechanics of Child’s Pose and how to make it accessible
  • how using empowering language makes you a better teacher for all populations

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Yoga for Seniors Workshop on June 26 

Join Chintamani and Francesca for an interactive workshop all about teaching yoga to seniors. We’ll take a deep dive into Chintamani’s recommendations for sequencing and work together to come up with sequences that meet a variety of needs. Expect a lively discussion and to leave the workshop with tons of inspiration for the next Yoga for Seniors class you teach!

The workshop will take place in The Mentor Sessions Sangha. If you’re not a member of this beloved community, click here to join!

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