111: Planning A Beginner’s Series with Dara Madigan

Over the last few years more and more yoga teachers have worked to create their own teaching offerings outside of a studio setting, and I think this is a great thing! While I absolutely value the community space a yoga studio can create, I also think creating learning opportunities for students (especially new students) outside of a typical yoga studio can be wonderful. And it can be great for us as teachers to begin to build our own teaching opportunities and small businesses. 

A longtime member of my community, Dara Madigan, created and ran her first Beginner’s Series on her own this fall, and it was such a smashing success I asked her to come on the podcast and share all the details with y’all so you could model your own Beginner’s Series after hers! And I’m intentionally releasing this in October, because I think mid-January next year would be a great time to run in, which means you need to start planning it now!

In this super practical episode you’ll hear:

  • what gave Dara the idea for this beginners series in the first place
  • all the logistical details of Dara’s series including:
    how many weeks
    how long each session is
    how many students signed up
    how much it cost the students and how much Dara is making per class
    the special bonus Dara included that is a smart private session marketing technique,
    the online platform Dara used to get students registered and how she got the word out about it
  • the different ways you can structure a beginners series, and how Dara decided what to include in hers
  • what Dara and I recommend teachers listening do when creating their own beginners series

Resources Mentioned:

Thank you to Offering Tree for sponsoring this podcast episode! As you’ll hear in the episode, Dara’s Offering Tree website played a big part in making the registration process for this series easy and seamless, both for her and for her students!  

OfferingTree is  an all-in-one software for your yoga teaching practice. With an Offering Tree site you can host your membership or on-demand library, post your class schedule, send emails directly to students, and take easy payments – all in one spot.

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