112: How To Find New Private Clients with Mary Reddinger

“But how do I find new potential private clients?” … is the question I get asked most often. 

I have lots of suggestions for teachers wondering how to grow their private practice AND the truth is that I very rarely take on new clients myself these days. I am grateful to have built long term relationships with most of my students and I’ve only taken on 3 new students since 2019. So while I worked hard to build a full time private yoga teaching practice, first in NYC starting in 2005, and then in Washington, DC starting in 2014, the work that goes into building a private yoga business is not that fresh in my mind. 

So I asked a long time mentee and friend of mine, Mary Reddinger, to join us on the show today to share how she built her full time private yoga practice just recently! Mary and her family moved in the middle of the pandemic, and with her husband in school, her yoga teaching is their sole source of income. Mary worked incredibly hard to build a private practice and she did it quite quickly! She has a full roster of dedicated students who are engaged in their practice and appreciate her work immensely. 

In today’s episode Mary is going to walk us through her weekly schedule and tell us how she met each and every one of her private students!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • how Mary built a full time teaching practice in a new city in the middle of the pandemic
  • a student by student breakdown of how Mary connected with each of her private clients
  • the relationships that were most impactful in helping Mary connect with potential private clients
  • the role social media played in the growth of her practice

Mentioned in this episode:

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