Francesca has been an amazing guide and collaborator through my yoga practice. She was incredibly helpful during my challenging pregnancy and continues to be a thoughtful and generous teacher now that I’m a new mom.


I started Yoga 3 1/2 years ago. I met Francesca 2 1/2 years ago. That is when all began to transform. She is extremely smart, patient and sincerely interested in helping her clients achieve their goals. We worked carefully and diligently.


Francesca goes above and beyond to understand each client’s unique issues. Even if you mention something in passing, of anything quirky that is bothering you, she will address it either right then and there if she knows the answer (which she usually does), or she will go home and do her research and homework before your next session and come back to you with a wealth of knowledge and demonstrate ways to address it.


For me, Francesca has been a life saver. Like me, Francesca has been through injury, surgery and recovery of a labral tear of the hip. She knew my physical limitations both pre and post surgery. She understood the emotional strains that being injured cause and was able to redirect me to specific yoga practices to help me move past my frustrations. She also happens to be really fun to hang out with!


I have worked, weekly, for almost a year and have found Francesca is an inspirational person and an incredible teacher. She has helped to heal during a very difficult time in my life and move towards a positive reaffirmation of life. I was impressed with how Francesca understood my body and began to use yoga for strength and balance. Most importantly, I have learned to use breathing through movement for relaxation. I have been able to use her strategies for breathing and movement to relax my body and mind. I have become so much stronger during the time I have worked with Francesca!

Yuki Okuma

Francesca is very tuned into my body and is able to personalize workouts in an effective way. Her dedication and devotion to her craft are apparent in the way she approaches each class. She is truly passionate about what she does. After 5 years of practicing with her, I can’t imagine my life without her in it!


I have found that I am more conscious of correctly moving my body and my joints.  I tend to do so more smoothly…which results in less stiffness and a greater range of motion.  I feel taller…it is as if the spaces between my vertebrae have increased.  My back is not sore as often, and when it is, I know exercises to deal with that.  I would recommend her to older people who have chronic back and joint problems…but I am sure that she would be equally effective in dealing with a wide range of clients and issues.

Ned Whitney

I am…stronger but also more relaxed when I exercise.  I also enjoy it more.  I would especially recommend Francesca to people who are older of who have had injuries that limit what they can do but who still want to exercise and to improve.

Martha Howell

I was looking to restore general flexibility and to get back to a regular exercise routine. (I find I have) an increased ability to exercise with calmness and breath control.  (I now have) an ability to carry over similar control and awareness in aspects of daily life, even unrelated to exercise! (I have) no back soreness and a general feeling of good health.


I had heard positive things about restorative yoga and was curious to try it. I find that I am better able to fall asleep at night and can relax faster than before. I find that I am better able to tolerate different emotions as they arise.

Christine Grounds