When Nothing Is Black or White: The Yoga of Discernment Part 2

I’m just gonna say it: I don’t think asanas are magical shapes that have the power to transform a normal human into an enlightened one. I don’t think there is a PERFECT form in asana that we should desperately ASPIRE TO. I don’t think there is some better version of ourselves on the other side… Read more

The Yoga of Discernment

Sweat dripped off the tip of their noses. Some of the women had an expression of fierce determination on their faces. Others looked panicked. A few of them shot me dirty looks. I was teaching yoga to a room of twenty pregnant women. I asked them to hold a wide utkatasana or squat against the… Read more

How To Strengthen Your Confidence As A Yoga Teacher

Does a lack of confidence affect you and your teaching, my love? If so, let me assure you that you are SO. NOT. ALONE. Several months ago I asked people what they were struggling with in their teaching, and what they wanted me to write about, and overwhelmingly, people answered that lacking confidence was one… Read more

13 self care practices, products and teachers you need right now

Making a life and a living as a yoga teacher is HARD. You don’t need me to tell you that. But, I am here to tell you that it is hard for me too! I’ve done the long, inconsistent hours of teaching. I’ve run all over the city to piece together enough work to make… Read more

A Story Of Transformation– {Guest Post}

I am honored today to introduce you to my friend and student Clare Ryan. She is a super skillful private yoga teacher living in NYC. Clare is an expert in the realm of pre and post natal, and if you are really lucky you might catch one of her rare public {super yummy} restorative yoga… Read more

Trusting What I Know: On Becoming a Private Yoga Teacher {Guest Post}

Today I am so honored to have my buddy Daisy sharing her wisdom with you. Daisy is a smart and fun yoga teacher; she teaches a creative and intelligently sequenced vinyasa class at Willow Street Yoga Center, where I teach also. She took my live teacher training in March of 2014 and has seen so… Read more

The Science of the Private Lesson: Introductory Workshop

  Sky House Yoga 911 Silver Spring Ave, Suite 201 Silver Spring, MD 20910 240-398-3526 Do you want to teach more private clients? Do you feel depleted from running all over town teaching tons of group classes? Do you feel drained from teaching the private clients you do have? I hear you! I have been… Read more

Private Reflections: A Story of Change and Success

Private Reflections – what I learned from The Science of the Private Lesson: Online by Tiffany Loescher What an honor it has been to study private yoga under Francesca along with other yoga teachers from around the world through her online training, The Science of the Private Lesson™. We “graduated” about four months ago and… Read more

How much of your private yoga lessons should be planned ahead of time?

This question came in on the blog a few weeks ago: Hi Francesca, Thank you for taking the time to answer questions! I wonder how you format your class content if a student does not lead you to it by way of the questions they answer during the intake process? IE: Do you just create… Read more