Private Reflections: A Story of Change and Success

Private Reflections – what I learned from The Science of the Private Lesson: Online

by Tiffany Loescher

What an honor it has been to study private yoga under Francesca along with other yoga teachers from around the world through her online training, The Science of the Private Lesson™. We “graduated” about four months ago and her teachings continue to inspire and challenge me as a private yoga teacher and business owner.

Although I was initially skeptical of an online training, I was “over the moon” with my experience and take-aways, including:

  • Neatly organized written content, which saved me from having to write down EVERYTHING in the videos, but provided ample space for my own notes and insights. (This may seem very basic, but trust me here, I listed it first because it makes a huge difference!)
  • Ongoing participation in a private Facebook group with other yoga teachers that have been through her training, either in-person or online. (This was invaluable during our training – where I often shared real private yoga client challenges and received brilliant ideas and support not only from Francesca and her team, but also from my fellow classmates!)
  • Tools for clarifying what I’m teaching, how I’m teaching and why I’m teaching private yoga. I continue to refer to the content to help me with new challenges.

Over the last several months, I’ve often told my yoga teacher friends about Francesca and her training. They always want to know, has this training really made a difference in my teaching or my business? Here’s what I tell them:

  • Earlier this year, my husband and I launched a website for our business which offers private yoga, yoga supplies (wholesale and retail), massage, and day and overnight retreats at our home:
  • This business idea came out of a strong desire to build our life doing all the things we love!
  • We just opened a studio-shop – called Pulse Boutique – which includes space specifically designed for private yoga sessions, as well as retail yoga supplies including bolsters, meditation cushions, eye pillows, mats, blocks, straps, essential oils and other accessories. A fellow yoga teacher in our community approached me about the idea when the space became available (her yoga studio is right next door) and we co-created this new space in our downtown community! It’s perfect for private sessions with individuals, but it’s also large enough to work with couples and small groups, such as families. I’m continuing to offer sessions wherever it makes the most sense for my clients, in our new private studio, or their home or workplace.
  • I have more private yoga clients, and more clients on a regular basis. I’m also working with more couples and small groups of friends who want to practice together, often in the comfort of their own homes. Working with couples and small groups is really fun – and it’s great to see people supporting each other in their practice while still getting the personalized attention of a private session.
  • I’m finding new and creative ways to truly meet each client “where they are,” which means really paying attention to what each individual wants most out of yoga and then creating sessions that meet those needs. It also means continuing to meet them “where they are” – helping them find a group yoga class that meets their needs or helping them take a break or transition away from private sessions, when that seems like the right thing for them.
  • Francesca and I are exploring the possibility of offering The Science of the Private Lesson in the Olympia area in 2016! I see a huge need for my private yoga in our area, as well as neighboring communities, and it’s a great opportunity for my fellow yoga teachers to continue to grow and expand their teaching skills.

Have a specific question or comment about my experiences with Francesca’s online training? Let me know – I’m happy to share more insights.

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  1. Emily

    It would be awesome if you did something in Olympia – I live near Seattle and would definitely be interested!

  2. Lynn

    Great article Tiffany! I love following and being a part of your journey. I am blessed to have you as my private instructor. Looking forward to the training in Olympia next year!


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