Join me in Elevating our Yoga Community!

I’ve created a free online home for yoga teachers who are interested in raising the bar of professionalism for our community. I want the yoga world to have higher standards for quality teaching AND better support networks for teachers.

I want our group to be at the forefront of those discussions, and I would love to have you join me there!

Join the Group

This is for you if:

  • You are a full or part time yoga teacher who has taken at least one major teacher training
  • You want to have high level conversations about all things related to teaching yoga
  • You want to support and learn from other teachers

We might talk about:

  • Complicated anatomy and injury issues
  • Different ways build towards a "peak pose" or reasons to or not not organize your class that way
  • What it takes to be a skillful private yoga teacher
  • How to fit self care into a busy teaching schedule
  • The range of rates and payment for group classes, private sessions, workshops, and retreats

Join Elevate: A Yoga Teacher Community with Francesca Cervero

Join the Group