125: How To Create And Lead Your Own Teacher Training with Cyndi Lee

Teaching teachers how to teach yoga is a massive responsibility. (How many times am I going to write the word “teach” in this intro???) 

Many people who listen to this podcast either already are, or are hoping to be a teacher of teachers. I get asked all the time for advice on creating and leading a teacher training. I have created a very successful speciality training, The Science of the Private Lesson, and a big part of my business is mentoring yoga teachers. I have supported teachers in writing their own 200 hour teacher training, but I have never actually created or led my own foundational 200 hour teacher training. So to have this conversation I asked my Yoga Mama, and the ultimate Teacher of Teachers Cyndi Lee, to join me and walk us through how to create and lead a teacher training. 

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • how to decide what to cover in a teacher training since yoga is so vast and expansive
  • what is most important to consider when you first start to write the manual or syllabus for your teacher training
  • how to teach sequencing and class planning to future yoga teachers
  • what Cyndi thinks about marketing a teacher training as a way to “deepen your practice” without an intention to teach
  • how teacher trainers can stimulate creativity and confidence in their learners

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