99: A Collaborative Yoga Membership Model with Catherine la O’

In The Mentor Sessions Sangha we have been having a robust conversation about online yoga class library memberships. These are very popular now, and can be a great way to diversify your teaching income and support your students.  They also require a decent amount of work to set up, there are an endless number of ways to organize the process and the pricing for these offerings are all over the map.

If you have thought about creating an online class library, or a membership model for your live classes, I think today’s episode with Catherine la O’ will be inspiring for you! Catherine is a long time yoga teacher, who despite not feeling very tech savvy, decided to set up a membership and online class library for her students in the summer of 2020.

Catherine la O’ (she/her) is the founder of liminalspace.net – a virtual studio designed to empower introspection through a variety of movement classes and personal growth programs focusing on inner-Shadow exploration. Catherine is an ERYT-500 and certified Mindset Coach. Her interest in what’s-just-below-the-surface of our thoughts, feelings, and personal stories motivated her twenty years of personal practice and formal study in social psychology, yoga, and integral coaching.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • why Catherine felt this was the best way to continue teaching through the pandemic
  • how much it cost her to set the platform up
  • a deep dive into all the platforms and software she uses to film her classes and host the online library
  • a specific breakdown of her teaching, filming, editing and uploading process
  • the pricing structure of her membership
  • how many members she has currently
  • why her unique collaborative approach with other teacher colleagues is serving both her and her students so well
  • how she recommends teachers get started if they are interested in creating something similar

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