131: What Practice Looks Like During Heartbreak with Sara Avant Stover

Today on the podcast I am introducing you to someone very special to me: one of my most important teachers, Sara Avant Stover. I started studying with Sara privately in the fall of 2012 and what I learned from her radically altered my life path. I went on several deep, immersive retreats with her, the last one in 2016. 

Since the last time we saw each other Sara has suffered several very intense heartbreaks and gone deeper into her practice than ever before. Surviving these challenging times and coming out more whole and happy than ever before has expanded her teaching immensely and I’m so honored to share her deep wisdom with you today. 

Sara Avant Stover (she/her) is a Certified Internal Family Systems (IFS) Practitioner and teacher and mentor of women’s spirituality, empowerment,  and entrepreneurship. She’s also the author of The Way of the Happy Woman, The Book of SHE, and Handbook for the Heartbroken. 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • about the heartbreak journeys that led Sara to write this book
  • the aspects of Sara’s heartbreak journey that she struggled with the most
  • a deep dive into Internal Family Systems and how it helped both Sara and I heal from trauma
  • what Sara has seen change in the landscape of online yoga and meditation and teacher trainings since she started offering them in the early 2000s
  • advice from Sara about building a career as a yoga teacher right now

Learn More From Sara:

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