15: A Week In the Life (A Peek Inside My Daily Schedule and Rituals)

This is a very special, unusual episode! While most of the episodes you’ll find here at The Mentor Sessions are either interviews with friends and teachers of mine, or short teachings that I offer myself, today we’re doing something different. I’m going to take you on a trip with me for an intimate, inside view of my life and teaching for an entire week!

It certainly feels vulnerable to share myself in this way, but I’ve learned so much from the mentors that I’ve been able to observe up close, both in their teaching and personal lives, and I want to pay that kind of offering forward.

So while you can’t be in the room with me while I teach {although this limited time video series is pretty darn close} in this episode I’ll give you all the intimate details of my teaching life, and you’ll hear…

  • all about my daily habits and routines that help me keep up my energy AND stay grounded with a busy teaching schedule
  • what I’m excited to teach in my group classes right now
  • the parts of my life and schedule I struggle with the most
  • all about how I met each of my private clients and a bit about what I do with each of them

Come on over to my Facebook group, let me know how this episode landed with you and what questions it brings up!

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