Stillness + Movement is a small virtual yoga studio created by Francesca Cervero. We offer sustainable, mindful vinyasa flow classes to help students find steadiness and ease in their bodies and minds. 

Most virtual yoga is taught by a teacher who is on their mat, unable to hear or see their students, but that is not how we teach at Stillness + Movement! We feel we can offer the most help to students if we can actually see them, so we teach with primarily verbal cues and do only limited physical demonstration.

This way of teaching helps students drop deeper into presence, and the focus moves away from the aesthetics of a shape and towards the experience of the practice. Stillness + Movement teachers adjust their own cueing, language, and sequencing because we can clearly see how our words are landing with students. 

At Stillness + Movement we weave vinyasa flow movement practices with Buddhist teachings because we love the way sustained movement and deep presence complement each other. 

Our classes combine awareness, breath, and vinyasa with somatic practices and functional strength training to fill the movement gaps left in the way asana is often practiced in the west.  

We are inspired by the depth and complexity of the wisdom traditions of yoga and Buddhism and aim to honor yoga’s roots in all our teaching. Ahimsa, awareness and waking up to the world as it is are the foundations of our teaching. We hope these three principles are evident in all our classes and we intend for these teachings of yoga to come through in the way we actually teach movement.

Classes are taught in specific levels. Everyone is welcome in all classes, but we are clear about what does and does not happen in each level so students can make empowered choices about what kind of physical practice is right for them. (Find our class descriptions here).

If you’d like to read more about our teaching philosophy you can find that right here!