The cost for our 45-minute classes are $12 per person and our 75-minute classes are $14 per person.  We also offer a 10 Class Card for $115 which brings the cost of each class to $11.50.

The audio of our classes is recorded and the audio recording will be shared via Soundcloud in an email 24 hours after the class ends. The audio recordings are yours to keep permanently.

Because all classes are recorded and emailed to those who have registered, no refunds will be provided.  However, if you truly feel the class wasn’t beneficial for you (the live class and/or recording) email [email protected] and we’ll be happy to discuss the situation with you.

To learn more about our terms of service, click here

When you sign up for class you should immediately get an email with the Zoom link for your class. All classes are in Eastern Time. Thirty minutes before class starts you will get a reminder email that has the Zoom link for class as well as a link to a Spotify playlist and recommendations for the yoga props you might need that day.

We suggest registering for classes at least 6 hours in advance when possible to ensure the emails land in your inbox without a problem. You can register at the last minute, but then you get two emails from us back to back and sometimes your email provider will flag that as spam and won’t deliver our emails to you.

We also recommend adding [email protected] to your approved senders’ list (otherwise known as “whitelisting” the email address.)  When you add [email protected] to your approved senders’ list, it’s telling your email client that you know us and trust us, which will keep emails from this contact at the top of your inbox.

Instructions on how to “whitelist” an email or add an email to your approved senders’ list are below:

For questions or concerns about our pricing & policies, please email [email protected]