Step 1:  Register for your class via

We recommend registering for classes at least 6 hours in advance when possible.  In some cases, when one registers moments before a class, our email confirmation & email reminders come so fast, email servers mark our emails as spam.

Step 2:  You’ll receive an email confirmation that will hold the Zoom link for the class.  Each class has a unique Zoom link.

Step 3:  Approximately 20 minutes before class, an email reminder will be delivered holding the Zoom link for the class as well as a link to a Spotify playlist and recommendations for the yoga props you might need that day.

Step 4:  Ensure your computer & mat is set up properly.  We would love to be able to see you well, and if you are able to set your computer like this it gives us the best view! If you’re not able to do that for any reason, don’t worry! Your teacher will still be able to see and support you even if you don’t have enough space to give them a horizontal view of your mat. 

Step 5:  Approximately 5-10 minutes prior to class, click on the Zoom link.  You’ll enter a virtual waiting room and your teacher will admit you a few minutes before class is going to start  Please have your props ready and your playlist cued (if you want to use the teacher’s playlist) before joining the class.  Your teacher will begin the class on time!

You will be muted upon entering the Zoom room, but feel free to unmute yourself to introduce yourself to your teacher and share any requests you have for class! 

Step 6:  Enjoy the practice!

Step 7:  Approximately 24 hours after class, the audio recording of the class will be emailed to you.

Step 8:  Register for your next class!