Stillness + Movement is a virtual yoga studio created and held by Francesca Cervero. We weave together mindful vinyasa flow and Buddihist teachings, inspired by OM Yoga, and we combine awareness, breath, and vinyasa with somatic practices and functional strength training to fill the movement gaps left in a traditional asana practice.  If you’d like to read more about our teaching philosophy you can find that right here!

Registering For Class

When you sign up for class you should immediately get an email with the Zoom link for your class. All classes are in Eastern Time. Thirty minutes before class starts you will get a reminder email that has the Zoom link for class as well as a link to a Spotify playlist and recommendations for the yoga props you might need that day.


We love props and use them quite a lot in our teaching. Most yoga props can be created with things around the house if needed. In place of a yoga strap you could use a scarf or tie. Instead of a yoga bolster you can use firm couch or bed cushions. Instead of a yoga blanket you can use bath towels or any firm blanket. If you don’t have tennis balls you can use a rolled up pair of thick socks.

The one prop we feel is hard to replace with a household item is a yoga block. These or these are our favorites, but anything this shape will do, including large tupperware containers. A firm-bottomed chair is also really wonderful to have if you don’t have blocks.


Active vinyasa classes are taught in specific levels, so every class is not appropriate for every person, but we’re working on building a schedule that has something appropriate for all levels of ability and experience. Gentle, Restorative and Meditation classes are accessible to most people.

Setting Up Your Device

Classes are taught on Zoom where your teacher can see you, offer you support and suggestions as well as alter her own language, cueing and sequencing to meet the needs of the students that are present.  The classes are taught with mostly verbal cues, so you don’t have to watch the screen the whole time and are able to turn your attention inward and be inside your own practice. 

If you have not used Zoom before check out this Zoom How-To Manual we made for you, and don’t hesitate to reach out to Jess at support@francescacervero.com if you have any questions! 

We would love to be able to see you well, and if you are able to set  your computer like this it gives us the best view! If you’re not able to do that, don’t worry! Your teacher will still be able to see and support you even if you don’t have enough space to give them a horizontal view of your mat. 


We know that some of you love to practice with music so some teachers will make and share a new playlist with you! For now these playlists are made on Spotify, and they will only play in order (and ad-free) if you have a paid Spotify account. We are working on creating another system to share music with you, but for now we only recommend using our playlists if you have a paid account. You can follow Francesca on Spotify here and all her yoga music playlists can be easily found under her profile. We will share the link for the new playlist with you in the email reminder you get 30 minutes before class starts.

Audio Recordings

All classes will be recorded and the audio recording will be shared via Dropbox in an email 24 hours after the class ends. The audio recordings are yours to keep permanently.