{video} Wrist Prep – Wrist Push Ups

There is often a lot of weight-bearing on the hands in yoga classes and many students struggle to move their weight out of their wrists and spread the work through the hands and into the fingers. This wrist push up builds both the awareness students need to shift the way they use their hands in weight-bearing AND gives them the strength training they need in their forearms. I highly recommend it! Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

(And if you missed the video from a few weeks ago with the Stretch For The Fascial Arm Lines, you can check that out right here!)

5 Responses to “{video} Wrist Prep – Wrist Push Ups”

  1. Pam

    Thanks so much for these beautiful video’s and exercises, Francesca. I found them to be so clear, and obviously incredibly useful. Can’t wait to share them with students this week! Hugs to you – Pam

  2. Robin

    Hi Francesca,
    Thank you for another informative video. I tried this exercise and it is deceptively challenging. It looks so easy but it is not. I will introduce this to my students, many of whom have weak wrists and forearms. They tend to avoid poses that put weight on their wrists.

  3. Bhairvi

    Hi Francesca,

    Thanks for this video, great info, as always! I will definitely try this with my students. I have some older students who have a tougher time being on their knees so I may try it at the wall with them.

    • Francesca Cervero

      I am so happy to hear that Jeanette! It is so great to be on this path with you. <3


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