{video} How to Get Clients Engaged In Their Practice and Keep Them Coming Back

I often have private clients work with me regularly for years on end. It’s not because they are dependent on me, but it’s because I help them to be deeply curious about and engaged in their practice, body and life. If you have clients that flake out after two or three sessions, or even after two or three months {and you wouldn’t be alone, that’s a really common experience for yoga teachers}, then may I suggest you watch this video? In it,  I’ll introduce some concepts that will help your clients be more engaged in the work you are doing, and be more committed to working with you for the long haul.

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  1. Samantha

    Thanks for this awesome video! I see you mention many times in your blog about this support/challenge matrix. I am wondering what does it look like to emotionally challenge a client? Also, what is a way to emotionally support a client that isn’t allowing a talk therapy session? I think it’s much easier to invision what physical challenge and support look like in a private session but the emotional support and challenge is a bit trickier! Thanks so much!

    • Francesca Cervero

      Hey Samantha! Great question. Yes– this is a much more complicated topic than can be covered in a short video like this. The full lecture (in my teacher training) on the support/challenge matrix is about 2 hours, but I’m going to record a podcast episode that covers it a bit more in depth than this video does this week. Stay tuned for that coming out soon!


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