Trying to decide between 1X1 mentoring and live group training?

Decisions, Decisions!

I’ve had several people write to me asking for advice as they try to decide the best way to work with me. They are deciding between traveling to NYC for my group teacher training on The Science of the Private Lesson this July or spending three months in a 1X1 mentoring program with me.

First of all, this is awesome, and thank you!

It is the great joy of my life to teach The Science of the Private Lesson and empower teachers to hear, trust, and act on their intuition. I love that I get to work with yoga teachers and help them create meaningful changes in their clients’ lives via mindful, therapeutic private yoga sessions, all the while creating and growing a thriving yoga based business.

So, shall we look at the pros and cons of these different programs?

First of all, the bulk of the content is the same. What is different between the two is the delivery system.

In the group training a small, select group of teachers spend a full week together in teacher training mode. There is lecture, discussion, chances to observe me teach, and lots of time to practice teach each other and receive feedback from me.

This would be the best option for you if you would like to learn, practice, and receive lots of feedback on your teaching, particularly your adjustments and speaking habits. It is also a great option if you live in or near New York City, or you would like to travel there and hang out for a fun summer week in July! We will only be in training six hours a day, so this leaves you plenty of time to explore the rest of the NYC yoga scene {or just NYC in general! 😉 }

The current pricing for the group training is as follows::

Early Bird Registration: $525 before June 1
Full price after June 1: $600
Previous Graduate Rate: $450

There will also be two half scholarships provided. Stay tuned for details on that!

In the 1X1 Mentoring Program we have all of our meetings via Skype {unless you live in Washington, DC} so this is a great option for you if you live far away from the East Coast of the US and travel is hard for you. In this program we spend three months together; we have a total of seven 90 minute Skype meetings. In these meetings we go through the curriculum from the group training and always spend lots of quality time talking about the issues that are currently coming up in your teaching. This program works well with people who are already teaching a few private clients. This way you have bodies and minds to which you can apply the theories I am teaching you right away, and come back to me and ask more questions. Also, you get three months of 24/7 access to me via email…it will be like taking an experienced mentor into every single private session you teach (Something came up with your private client this morning that you don’t know how to deal with? Email me!)

The current pricing for this program is:

$1400 paid up front
$500 per month if paid monthly
{Pricing for this program will be going up this summer}

In both programs you will learn::

  • How to turn a hectic home or busy office into a sacred space for yoga so that you can help your clients feel transported
  • How to give physical assists to your clients in a way that transcends the typical group class experience
  • How to deal with frequent interruptions in a way that leaves your students feeling nurtured, not judged, and sets a positive tone in the room
  • How to build trust with your students on every level, so they will open up to you, and real transformation can occur
  • How to think on your feet and create sessions that meet your students where they are on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels
  • How to set physical, emotional, financial, and time boundaries so you can be truly present and generous with your clients without depleting yourself
  • How to manage the business of yoga like a professional and have consistent, steady income you can count on

Need more information on the group teacher training? Find it right here!

Need more information on 1X1 Mentoring? Here it is!

I’d so love the chance to work with you in one of my upcoming programs! Also, it is not happening any time super soon, but there is an online training on its way. This will allow you to learn this material from anywhere in the world at a “group” training rate!

Any questions about these programs I didn’t answer? Pop in here and let me know what else you need to know!!

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