{video} Try This At Home Teaching Tip #3: Support Your Student’s Home Practice

Every single one of my private students has some kind of home practice and that is something I’m really proud of! I’ve found a way to support their personal practice in a way that takes NO EXTRA TIME OR WORK for me. (That’s in all caps because we all need ways to support our students without draining our personal time and resources 🙂 )  I talk about this topic in-depth in this podcast episode, but this short video will give you an easy recommendation to help your student’s create a home practice.  Let me know what thoughts or questions come up for you by commenting below!

6 Responses to “{video} Try This At Home Teaching Tip #3: Support Your Student’s Home Practice”

  1. Pilar Uribe

    Thank you very much. This is a great idea. I have done it before but I recorded it at home I can see it will be better to record it at the time of the class

  2. Sarah E Meyer

    This is a GREAT idea. I’ve given pictorial (read: stick figure) take homes in the past but individual audio on their own device is brilliant!

    • Francesca Cervero

      Awesome, I’m glad you think so!! My students really like it too!

  3. Wanjira Njenga

    Thank you so much Francesca. Tried that with my class today, they went home thrilled. Summer session is coming to an end, and most of them usually ask for classes. Previously, I have sent then pictorial – stick figures, but this is much more practical and “user friendly”. Metta,


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