My Favorite Time Management Tool

My friends Racheal Cook of The Yogipreneur and Val Geisler of Aspire & Grow are productivity ninjas. They have systems for everything and are “get good shit done quickly” rockstars. If you need some motivation to get organized, ideas on how to manage your time, or productivity tools I highly recommend you check out some of their great offerings here and here. And if you mistakenly think you are just a yoga teacher and not a business person, let me correct that notion right now. Even if you only teach group yoga classes at someone else’s yoga studio, you are still running a small business. {You Inc}. You are probably an independant contractor, and are responsible for filing your own taxes and paying for your own health insurance. You probably do at least some promotion for your group classes and may even have some social media pages or a website to keep your students updated on your schedule and other offerings.

You are a business person. {Just trust me.}

It’s high time you start carrying yourself like a professional.

Since you’re here hanging out with me you probably already do 🙂  {Check out my thoughts on this subject in this video over here.} Val asked me to add in my ideas and tools for time management. And that got me thinking…hmmm…. Do I have a specific time management tool? Am I super intentional about the way I organize my tasks and to dos? There answer turns about to be no. I don’t and I’m not. I love hard work, I love planning and organizing, and I love big creative projects. But systems, tools, and tightly controlled plans just aren’t my thing. My brain doesn’t function well in a masculine, linear planning mode. I still manage to get plenty done anyway. I think it is because I love what I do. I feel passionate about the messages I want to get out into the world. I know it is up to me to be clear about my offerings and stay motivated so they can reach the people that need them most. I make sure I stay awake to the moment, and I {am lucky, I know, I get to} work on projects and content that I am excited about. I decide when I am working and when I am not working. {Right now my creative computer days are Thursday and Friday, anytime before 7pm. I have big teaching days Monday-Wednesday, so I don’t work then, and I really try to not work on the weekends unless there is a special circumstance.} I stick to that schedule. And then? I sit down at the computer and I write. Period. End of story. No fancy rituals. No super secret productivity ninja moves. I just sit down and make myself do it. And I think this next part is pretty important::

I don’t waste a lot of time or energy comparing myself to others.

I don’t worry too much about whether I am offering something that has never been done before.

I create programs and write articles that I think are important and I hope are articulate and useful.

I know I have a lot to learn from my Productivity Ninja friends {we all do!} but I just thought I would offer this take on “time management” in case you are feeling boxed in by the systems that are supposed to help you. What do you think guys? Do systems and tools help you? Or do you have other thoughts on how to keep yourself motivated?

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  1. Pam

    These are the best general guidelines, Francesca! I love all of Rachael’s ninja work and find many of them valuable. But I run a studio plus am launching a new private program (which means I haven’t found time to do all the ninja tools yet) and your notes here are just perfect for me! I’m printing them and posting them on my computer. Big thanks!! Love your writing –

    • Francesca Cervero

      Hi Pam! It is so nice to see you here! I’m really happy you found my words helpful. That is my highest/only intention. {also, side note: I’ll be in Portland and teaching a master class on July 4th. It would be so fun to see you there!}

    • Angy

      This is the year of hustle! I’ve put my draems off too long and am going balls to the wall (or, ovaries to the wall, if you will ) and building my confidence, my list, my presence, my programs, and most of helping women create lives of radical freedom. Let’s do this thing

  2. Racheal Cook

    Love it Francesca! The key is you get sh*t done. Systems don’t have to be complicated. As long as they get you where you need to go.

    As I type – I have a notecard with my 3 priorities for the week in front of me and all the other fancy pants project management stuff out of site. It’s great for the big picture organization and managing a team – but when it’s time to get down to business, I only have a few things at a time.


    • Francesca Cervero

      I so appreciate all your awesome ideas and tools Rach, including this one! You are so good at prioritizing {that is something I really struggle with} and that is how you’re able to accomplish so much in such a short amount of time. You’re a total inspiration. X

  3. Val Geisler

    Well the best testament to productivity tools is the fact that I am just returning from an 8 week maternity leave with my business and clients still in tact! Thanks for this post, Francesca, and for sharing the love for these tools with your community. It’s not the glamorous part of owning your own business….but it’s one of the most crucial to truly be successful! xo


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